A response to Raani York’s “How Authors would wish their books to be reviewed”

Once upon a time Raani York, an author, wrote a blog post titled How Authors would wish their books to be reviewed and some people thought it was cool. Others thought it was kinda lame. I decided to read it. I fell into the latter category. And, I decided to write a blog post, too! […]

Musical Writing Prompt #3

I got so busy writing other posts, I completely forgot about picking a musical writing prompt. Normally I have it picked and ready to go well in advance of posting on Wednesday. Not today. Was sitting here, halfway through the day, when I realized I hadn’t posted. The first week, we had the innocent sounding […]

On Writing (Part 3): Narrative Should be Confident

A common thing to do with narrative is to have doubt, lack confidence. I catch myself doing this sometimes. I think it’s OK for characters to have doubt internally and express that through narrative, or dialogue. But sometimes that doubt bleeds through into narrative. The narrator’s voice should be confident, and harbor no doubt. Typically this is […]

Musical Writing Prompt #2

The second week of the Musical Writing Prompt brings us something completely different. Our first song was Knowing Me, Knowing You by ABBA. A little 1970s pop for inspiration. This week, on the other hand, is going back in time even further and ditching pop altogether. Unless you consider that classical music was the (pop)ular music […]

Mystery Box

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Mystery Box.” Journalist Thomas Bradshaw woke up at 10:45am without an alarm, as was his custom. He grimaced at the sunlight forcing its way through the closed shades. He cursed himself for the millionth time for not buying big, thick and black curtains for his window. Though, he […]