Jessica Wright’s Double Vision (short story and opportunity)

Jessica Wright is victim #7 in my morbid project I Will Kill You for $5. And she didn’t go down easy. I offered to write this story for her as payback for her boyfriend, Josef, recording my standup comedy gig last October. And thus began the longest, longest, longest short story I’ve ever written. Not even sure it qualifies anymore as such. Continue reading


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I’m feeling pretty good about my writing WRITE NOW

Ever since last Fall, I took on a couple of writing projects. The first was publishing the Josephine the Dragon stories by Taylor Christine on the blog. The second was writing the next installment in the I Will Kill You for $5 project.

But, alas, it felt like I had really fallen behind on the blog and writing in general. Life has been crazy, to my credit. However, as is the case a lot, I dump on myself a lot about writing.

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About a story and updates

I’ve been awfully quiet on the eastern front lately. Lots of other things have been engulfing my time as of late. But when I can, since October, I’ve been working on a short story for my good friend Jessica Wright. It was part of my I Will Kill You for $5 project, but I was giving it away as a thank you for her and her boyfriend helping out with recording my first ever comedy gig. Well, what should have been a quick short story, has been getting longer and longer, and more complex as I go. Continue reading

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Danny Draper and the Aliens, Chapters 1-3

Danny Draper and the Aliens, Chapters 1-3

I’ve had this in my drafts for some time on my blog, shame on me. It’s the first three chapters to a short novella I’ve been working on, off and on, for several years.

The story revolves around a timid fellow, named Danny Draper, who does alien and UFO research in his spare time. In this little story, he makes his first excursion to Roswell, New Mexico. Once there, it doesn’t take him long to find himself tangled in a bit of mystery.

Enjoy and let me know what you think in the comments here, or at the blog link. And what do you think? Do you believe in extraterrestrial life?

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Pussy Wag*n by Taylor Christine

Today, I’m bringing out a second installment in the Josephine the Dragon saga (which is a really lame way to describe it). These stories tend to be a little heartwarming, a little humorous, a little awesome. Maybe a lot awesome? Maybe. Yeah. Probably.

These stories are written by Taylor Christine, and are a lot of fun. I first heard these stories at an open mic, and am happy to bring them to the blog in written form. Enjoy.

You can follow Taylor on Twitter with @becky_ketchup.

Pussy Wag*n

When Josephine the Dragon was in high school, she didn’t participate in extracurricular activities. She hated the dull hum of the fluorescent lights. She hated the monotonous scheduling that woke her up at 6:30 every morning to the unchanging, unforgiving curriculum which put her to sleep. Josephine had imagination. She had humor. But most importantly, she had answers. The thing about high school is that it never asked her the right questions. Until one morning. Continue reading

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Danny Draper and the Aliens, Chapters 1-3

AUTHOR’S NOTE. This is a story I’m very fond of that explores some things that always interest me in both the fiction and non-fiction realm. Yes, I’m talking about aliens. I’m talking about UFOs. I blame it mostly on shows like Unsolved Mysteries and The X-Files from my childhood, not to mention The Twilight Zone. So, without further ado, I would like to introduce you to my timid UFO researcher, Danny Draper. Continue reading

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Pancakes by Taylor Christine

Today, you get something completely different. Most of my stories can be pretty gritty, and where there is comic relief it doesn’t last forever.

But today is different, because it’s the start of the sharing of a series of short stories about Josephine the Dragon written by Taylor Christine.

I met Taylor at an open mic that meets every Wednesday evening at Stone Spiral in Maplewood, Missouri. If you’ve never been to this place, you’re missing out, and especially if you’ve never been on their open mic night. Good times, good music, good poetry and yes some stories. Taylor writes and reads stories about a dragon named Josephine, and they tend to be short, sweet and humorous. She also writes poetry and I’m sure will continue writing stories of other consequence as well. But wherever her road takes her, for now, you can enjoy a series of stories about Josephine which I will be posting here.

You can follow Taylor on Twitter with @becky_ketchup.


Josephine the dragon paid $15 to have her palms read at Chesterfield Mall. The woman struggled a little to read Joesphine’s claw like a hand, but told Josephine anyway that she could see through that tough claw and could tell that Josephine was a giver. The woman explained that Josephine had healing hands, the type that made her a good lover, hand holder and mother. Josephine was not sure how she felt about this. She thanked the woman for her time and pondered the information on a nearby bench. Continue reading

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