The cult of ____.

I was doing some research on religious cults, and I wanted to start simple by researching and getting a good grasp on a common and expert definition of a religious cult. I also wanted to read personal accounts from those who had left a cult. Imagine then my shock and horror as it became frustratingly difficult to find such good information on the web.


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Religion, Politics and Discrimination in the Workplace

Religion, Politics and Discrimination in the Workplace

I don’t normally write about such sensitive issues, but after recent events in American politics it has become very prevalent that we discuss or at least give some thought to such matters. 

Table of Contents:

  • You represent your place of work at work
  • You represent your place of work away from work, even on the web
  • One last thing to think about…

Do you know the policy in your workplace regarding discussing such hot topics? How does your workplace deal with such issues?

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