Musical Writing Prompt #8

Today's musical writing prompt is a real treat. It comes from Kaleida, who I've only recently discovered, and who have some amazing music. I discovered them through Keanu Reeves' recent flick John Wick. They had a song, titled "Think", used during the film's soundtrack. It stood out for me, like many things in that movie. … Continue reading Musical Writing Prompt #8


Musical Writing Prompt #7

Sometimes inspiration can come from weird places. Or sometimes you're trying to find the right mood or groove for a certain scene in a book. And sometimes that can take us off the beaten path. So, for today, the music writing prompt might throw you off a bit, but all music has it's place for … Continue reading Musical Writing Prompt #7

Musical Writing Prompt #6 (Farewell James Horner)

I've been neglecting my Musical Writing Prompt duties lately, but I will try to get back on that. And so I will give you #6 in the series this week. This week film composer James Horner died flying an airplane. He has composed so many films through the years, and his body of work is … Continue reading Musical Writing Prompt #6 (Farewell James Horner)

Musical Writing Prompt #2

The second week of the Musical Writing Prompt brings us something completely different. Our first song was Knowing Me, Knowing You by ABBA. A little 1970s pop for inspiration. This week, on the other hand, is going back in time even further and ditching pop altogether. Unless you consider that classical music was the (pop)ular music … Continue reading Musical Writing Prompt #2