Musical Writing Prompt #8

Today’s musical writing prompt is a real treat. It comes from Kaleida, who I’ve only recently discovered, and who have some amazing music. I discovered them through Keanu Reeves’ recent flick John Wick. They had a song, titled “Think”, used during the film’s soundtrack. It stood out for me, like many things in that movie. […]

Musical Writing Prompt #6 (Farewell James Horner)

I’ve been neglecting my Musical Writing Prompt duties lately, but I will try to get back on that. And so I will give you #6 in the series this week. This week film composer James Horner died flying an airplane. He has composed so many films through the years, and his body of work is […]

Musical Writing Prompt #5

I should be releasing a new short story tomorrow, another victim in the I Will Kill You for $5 gig. It’s an interesting turn, and this was a song I listened to while writing it. So now I’m sharing this creepy song for inspiration on this week’s Musical Writing Prompt. Freddy’s Coming for You Probably gonna upset […]