Do It all Over Again by Night Vision.

Do It all Over Again by Night Vision.

Just discovered this beautiful piece of retro synthwave stuff. Fantastic. Turn it on, turn it up. I dare you not to put it on repeat.

You can purchase the tune on Bandcamp, here:

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Lady Bump by Penny McClean

Lady Bump by Penny McClean

Years before we were listening to a woman sing about her trunk and hump, there was a bump. A Lady Bump. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I present to you Exhibit A. A bizarre disco song by Penny McClean, who clearly showed us her best talents in the Silver Convention. 

This song makes me laugh so hard, mostly because of this particular recording. Watch as she searches for the cameras with her eyes, and “dances”? And what’s with the wailing and arm flailing? Pure entertainment for all the wrong reasons. But I’ve always been a sucker for the cheesy stuff, and things so bad its good.


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Oh Lately It’s so Quiet by OK GO

Oh Lately It’s so Quiet by OK GO

This song by OK GO is one of my favs, mainly because it’s one of those life soundtrack pieces for me. When my acting mentor, and dear friend, was going through a difficult time at her workplace and eventually found herself without a job, this song became very powerful for me.

You see, she worked at a college, one that I had frequented much in my younger years. And she was always the constant there. As I drove by the campus, knowing she wasn’t there, it felt like only a memory. That she had moved on to somewhere else to haunt. It wasn’t home anymore. Not without her there. It was so quiet.

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Open Sesame | Kool & the Gang

Open Sesame | Kool & the Gang

Here’s an excellent piece of kit (as they’re saying these days). Hard to beat this disco tune, which was also featured on the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack. This is the long, album version, which several disco songs have.




Forever Young (Rod Stewart cover) by Me

Forever Young (Rod Stewart cover) by Me

I don’t record my voice often. Rare. Very rare. Hugely rare. Singing anyway. But recently, I did a live read/sing through of a musical and was told by many folks who came that I should sing more. So, I’m giving that a try. Recorded this today, messing around mostly. It’s an acapella duet with myself, singing Rod Stewart’s classic ditty Forever Young. CLASSIC, I tell ya. Well, maybe not my version, but Rod’s sure is classic.


I’m currently very disappointed in Twitter

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Children of the Night by by PaperKite

Children of the Night by by PaperKite

I’ve had the pleasure of hearing this performed live on multiple occasions, and knowing these two lovely kids. They make awesome music. Enjoy!

Children of the night,

Let’s go out tonight…

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