🎼 My Music Tastes Good

Move This

Do you ever put songs in single-repeat mode and just let it ride for a ridiculously long time? I do that a lot. One of those songs for me is the song Move This by Technotronic. Some classic 90s awesome beats. And it seems only fair that I put it in your head right now,… Continue reading Move This

🎼 My Music Tastes Good

U Got it Bad

(This post was originally made on Pluspora, here)I’ve started putting together a “nostalgia” playlist. Songs that for some reason resonate with me on a nostalgic level. It’s going to be an ever-growing list for me. Been wanting to put together a list of songs that remind me of other times. This will be that.And how… Continue reading U Got it Bad

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Mercedes has a new home, and she’s wrapped in Cellophane

I told you I had a big update on Mercedes coming, and it's huge. Big. Bigger. Enormous. Gigantuous. Okay, that's enough of that. It's just some really cool news. But I'm also wrapping this big update in Cellophane, which will make sense later down the read. She has a new home. What do I mean… Continue reading Mercedes has a new home, and she’s wrapped in Cellophane