My gaming conundrum | not finishing games.

My gaming conundrum | not finishing games.

I have a problem with starting new games before finishing the ones I’m working on. There’s always some game I can’t wait to play that comes out and another comes out I wanna try and another. And I have this bad knack of losing the thread on playing through a game to the end before moving to other ones. Ugh.

Anyone else have this problem?

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Metroid gaming logic

Metroid gaming logic

My son has discovered the joys of Metroid. For those who don’t know, spoiler alert, there is a woman named Samus in that metal suit. My son now knows this and thinks she’s pretty cool.

But in an amusing note, as we’ve been watching some walkthroughs on YouTube of various Metroid games through the years, how can you not love that she opens every door by blasting it? It’s like a cop shooting the handle off a door for literally EVERY door. Front door at home? Blast it. Bathroom door? Blast it. Bathroom stall door? Blast it.

Take that Mario and Link who run around trying to find the key!




I game, mostly casually. I mostly enjoy shooters and otherwise action oriented stuff. I’ll post about games I’m playing, want to play, upcoming games, etc.

I’m also going to post about games my 7 year old loves, probably mostly the lesser known stuff. Why? Because it’s good to share the lesser known stuff. I won’t be posting about Lego games, for example. It’s a given that kids like them and everyone knows about them.

Here is a list of online games I’m playing at the moment: (UPDATE 2/2017)

  • Star Wars Battlefront (X1)
  • The Division (X1)

Here’s a list of offline games I’m playing at the moment: (UPDATE 2/20/17)

  • Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments (X1)
  • Life is Strange (X1)
  • Mad Max (X1)
  • Alien Isolation (X1)
  • Metro 2033 (X1)
  • Wolfenstein: The New Order (X1)
  • Mass Effect 3 (X1, by backwards compatibility)

I’ve also got a huge backlog of games I need to finish. Probably start over, because its been so long.

I’ll update this list as it changes. And no, I’m not playing them all at once exactly. Or maybe I am and that’s half the problem?

If you wanna connect on Xbox, that’s cool, you can send me a request. I’m ThirstyJester19.

Let there be gaming…

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