The Order of the Dragon, “That’s not a Cross…” (excerpt)

(excerpt from The Order of the Dragon)

Tom Bradshaw sat at a table near the windows that looked out to the beach and Lake Huron. With the morning fog covering the lake, he couldn’t see Mackinac Island. But he knew it was out there, and in the back of his mind he was hoping another body hadn’t been added to the count of violent crimes being committed on its pleasant shores. Continue reading “The Order of the Dragon, “That’s not a Cross…” (excerpt)”

NaNoWriMo 2015, I Will Kill You for $5 project – Volume 1

So, I decided (rather last minute as usual) to take part in this NaNoWriMo charade once more. I’ve never “won” or completed the 50k minimum, but it is a most helpful way to push yourself to prioritize a project for a month even if you don’t complete that many words.

This year I’ve decided to take my I Will Kill You for $5 project and compile the works I’ve done thus far, and hopefully 5 new ones, into a single volume for NaNo this year. Continue reading “NaNoWriMo 2015, I Will Kill You for $5 project – Volume 1”

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On Writing (Part 5): Have more than one Good Idea per Story

(originally shared on Ello)

When I was younger, I used to think one solid or good idea was enough to carry a story. With time, I learned that to be very, very false. Having one good idea is not enough to carry a story. For example, Hitchcock’s film Saboteur ends with a climactic action scene atop the Statue of Liberty. Now, imagine if everything leading up to that was a series of lame ideas leading into that one good idea. Now, you see the point. Continue reading “On Writing (Part 5): Have more than one Good Idea per Story”

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Pancakes by Taylor Christine

Today, you get something completely different. Most of my stories can be pretty gritty, and where there is comic relief it doesn’t last forever.

But today is different, because it’s the start of the sharing of a series of short stories about Josephine the Dragon written by Taylor Christine.

I met Taylor at an open mic that meets every Wednesday evening at Stone Spiral in Maplewood, Missouri. If you’ve never been to this place, you’re missing out, and especially if you’ve never been on their open mic night. Good times, good music, good poetry and yes some stories. Taylor writes and reads stories about a dragon named Josephine, and they tend to be short, sweet and humorous. She also writes poetry and I’m sure will continue writing stories of other consequence as well. But wherever her road takes her, for now, you can enjoy a series of stories about Josephine which I will be posting here.

You can follow Taylor on Twitter with @taylorkolky.


Josephine the dragon paid $15 to have her palms read at Chesterfield Mall. The woman struggled a little to read Joesphine’s claw like a hand, but told Josephine anyway that she could see through that tough claw and could tell that Josephine was a giver. The woman explained that Josephine had healing hands, the type that made her a good lover, hand holder and mother. Josephine was not sure how she felt about this. She thanked the woman for her time and pondered the information on a nearby bench. Continue reading “Pancakes by Taylor Christine”