Belittling your employees.

Belittling your employees.

Something I’ve been thinking about lately… you can’t belittle your employees as a leader or manager. And there’s two ways that can happen, both are equally damaging.

1) Privately. Belittling employees to their face and when you are alone with them.

2) Publicly. Belittling your employees in front of other employees. Whether it’s behind their back to other employees or in front of other employees, the result is similar. Employees will begin to take sides and the victimized employee will be shamed, humiliated and drug through the dirt.

The thing that always comes to my mind when I witness this behavior: you’re the boss. If you are dissatisfied with an employee’s performance, do something about it. You are literally in a position to actually do something about it. Coworkers with said employee are not. There is no excuse or reason to engage in building up an army against YOUR employee. It makes zero sense. Are you in charge or not? If so, act like it. Talking down and belittling your own employee doesn’t show you have some sort of dominance in the relationship. It pretty much just makes you look like an abusive person.

So the next time you need to talk to an employee, seriously, take ownership of the situation and move forward. Don’t belittle the person and drag it out.



Happy birthday, Google+​!!!!!

Happy birthday, Google+​!!!!!

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The best social network turns 6 years old today. Happy Birthday Google+!

What a community of people… what a network… Google+ and all of you have made me into the social media loving, Android device obsessed guru you see before you today. And this isn’t even my final form!

❤ G+!

Thanks for the reminder Cliff Wade!

#AppTuesday Installment 1: Notes for Android 📒.

#AppTuesday Installment 1: Notes for Android 📒.

Starting today, I will be giving you a little installment called AppTuesday. The idea is simple, every Tuesday I’m gonna share some app with you. I primarily use Android, Chrome, web and Windows 10 apps, but will always let you know when they are available in other places. I’m a big believer in cross-platform compatibility. Hope you follow along and enjoy the apps.

First up, Notes for Android.

Notes for Android is a pretty straightforward app, but it filled a gap I wanted filled. A document/notes app that had a light and dark theme and which was enjoyable to write in on Android.

Nitty Gritty

+ Available on Android:

+ Available on the web:

+ Light and dark themes

+ Adjustable font size and font type

+ Create notebooks to organize notes

+ Share to Notes from other apps

+ Rich text via markdown (similar to Google+)

+ Automatically recognizes links

+ Import/backup notes

+ Synchronizations with Dropbox (look under Apps, Notes for Android; notebooks are organized by folders, and notes are in .txt files)

+ Protect notes with passkey or fingerprint

+ Single image attach to note

+ Checklist option

When I look at note apps, one of the main things I look for is synchronization. If you have to rely on a manual backup/import option, you will inevitably lose something. The sync with Dropbox in Notes is solid and since the files are in .txt file format, you can use them with other apps. For example, when I’m on a Windows device, I prefer to use a Windows 10 app with the Dropbox desktop client for sync over the web version. No offense to the web version of Notes, but the input/writing screen is not that great. It strays from the material design and that mismatched design makes it awkward. But again since the notes are .txt files in Dropbox, you can access them directly from Dropbox even.

I primarily started using Notes for Android as my go-to for first drafting my writing on a 2-in-1 Android device. I wanted something that made a great writing environment and which had a dark theme (you can’t get a dark theme with Google Docs or Microsoft Word Android apps).

This app is solid. I’ve been using it all year, drafting a novella, and am 2 chapters away from finishing the novella and I still haven’t abandoned the app. Which means a lot. I can bounce right out of an app as soon as I bounce in when it comes to writing. If it isn’t helping the process, has an annoying quirk, or whatever, I can run from an app pretty fast. But, almost 7 months in and I’m still using it and enjoying it.

The app is free, ad supported, but the ads are only visible in the notebook screens. Not inside a note itself. Because of this, I haven’t even upgraded to the non-advertisement version because it’s so unobtrusive. I will be doing so here soon though, gotta throw some money at the developers.

Enjoy some screenshots.

Do you use Notes for Android? What do you think of it? Never heard of it? Give it a shot. Sound off below.

1. Please keep in mind that the web version is in beta, and I mean no disrespect of my assessment of it above. I have hopes for its continued improvement, just like the Android app. I am very fond of the app.

For those educators using Google Classroom, this is nifty. A quick show of hands for who has turned in assignments….

For those educators using Google Classroom, this is nifty. A quick show of hands for who has turned in assignments. 🖐️

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Q: How much grading do I have left? A: Teachers can now see a count of returned student work in #GoogleClassroom.

Google Keep inside Google Docs 📝.

Google Keep inside Google Docs 📝.

I recently tried this out in Google Docs, but was unaware of this drag and drop feature–which is incredible. Makes me wanna see this implemented everywhere now.

+ Google Keep drag and drop into G+

+ Keep drag and drop into Google Sites

+ Keep drag into Blogger

+ Anywhere and everywhere

Keep all the things!

What about you? You excited for this feature? What would you use it for? Sound off in the comments.

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Keep + Google Docs? How Suite it is →

Just installed Android N on my LG.

Just installed Android N on my LG.

Not gonna lie. It’s a pretty big difference. Bringing in some things I love. Like multitasking/dual apps side-by-side. Like a refresh of LG’s apps and over all design. They added Themes, so I can get a dark theme at night. I know these aren’t all Android N things. And, the new notifications are sleek looking, though not sure if they’re better (more productive) yet.

Look at how easy it was for me to post my latest Seinfeld clip for you Plussers! 😂

Hangouts to replace the GTalk back-end of Google Drive Docs Chat.

Hangouts to replace the GTalk back-end of Google Drive Docs Chat.

Which is honestly something that probably should’ve happened a long time ago, when you consider how long ago it was they started phasing out GTalk for Hangouts. It’ll be interesting to see if it gets bells or whistles it didn’t previously have.

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We want to be sure you can continue to use chat in Docs, Sheets & Slides, so we’re making a few changes →