Spy shows are fun, just saying

There's something fun and exciting about spy shows, and conspiracies and mysteries. Enjoying this conspiracy-layered show. Hoping Frank Spotnitz gets to revive it. Anybody else watch or...


The Missourian, Chapter 1

Chapter One All three of the McKay boys were out tending the ranch, as was there custom, when they received the news. Their little sister, Johanna, came running out to them from the woods that stood between the field they were in and the homestead.  She was badly beaten and her clothes were torn, she … Continue reading The Missourian, Chapter 1

Longer than a 7 year itch

Every now and again I get this itch to become a stand-up comedian. It usually results in me trying to develop some material, and I usually end up being frustrated in the end. Here is one such piece... div.dittoboxgooglez12mhnk5emjidldpu04ccfcjakeectv4144 { font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 13px; } div.innerdittoboxgooglez12mhnk5emjidldpu04ccfcjakeectv4144 { background-color: #FFF; padding: 10px; } div.innerdittoboxgooglez12mhnk5emjidldpu04ccfcjakeectv4144 … Continue reading Longer than a 7 year itch