Old Notebooks. The Cloud. Backing up your Stuff.

In 2017, I originally shared this post on Google+. It’s all about making sure you backup your writing. A good post, with good advice. Check it out. It also makes me a bit of a hypocrite, because I wasn’t actively backing up my Google+ content. Yikes! Luckily, I was able to save the most important things I believe, shortly before the closure of consumer Google+. Any rate… a good read, and I’m remind you again, make sure you have duplicates and copies of all the content you create. Not just the writing. Your content is important, a part of you, and your journey. Don’t lose that.

Babylon Tales

As of Saturday, I’ve been going through some old notebooks from the garage. I used to be a notebook junkie, back in my youth. Why? Because I was always writing something. Whether it was fiction, a journal, notes, etc. I’ve always been a note junkie, too. Unfortunately, before the cloud age, this meant a lot of notebooks and being afraid to throw away any of them in case there was something in there that didn’t eventually get realized somewhere else.

I’m mostly throwing away the stuff I’m going through, but there is an occasional gem here and there. These notebooks date between high school and college days. Any fiction I was writing at that age is pretty bad, but sometimes an idea was good. I try to keep ideas with potential, but stuff that’s just bad I toss. And then there’s the notes upon notes upon notes. You never know…

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A Sweet Sixteen Killer update forthcoming…

I’ve been pretty quiet lately, but I’ve got a lot of good news to share about the Mercedes novella I’ve been working on. The first in a series of female detective novellas, which I can’t wait to get to you. Follow my blog and stay up to date, and I will give you a thorough rundown in the coming days, if I can.

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Joining the dark side: Instagram

I’ve joined the dark side and am now using Instagram. You can follow me there at the usual handle @babylontales.

Here is a taste of the magic I produce there.

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It's a trap! #toyphoto #toyphotography

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How was your Monday?

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Hey everybody! How about your #Monday?

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Words to write by

Whenever you feel like writing is too hard. Remember this. Remember it is harder not writing. To close up yourself and not let it out.

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Poem. Because, poetry. An excellent shorty from someone else.

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