The Rolling Stone & Wicked Annabelle, Chapter 6

He found Dr. Hook in bed, sleeping with two hookers. He drug him out of bed without any explanation, down the hall, down the marble staircase, and into the dinning room. He picked him up and sat him in a chair, and tied him down with some rope he had found on the floor in... Continue Reading →


The Rolling Stone & Wicked Annabelle, Chapter 5

Inside the house, The Rolling Stone followed music through some winding hallways and corridors. He avoided large rooms and doors as much as could be done. He found the source of the music in a small bedroom. It was dirty and cluttered, with syringes cast about on the floor. He saw several bongs, two burnt... Continue Reading →

The Rolling Stone & Wicked Annabelle, Chapter 4

The Compound was inner-most city territory, and was located fourteen blocks from Big Fish Murphy’s jive. The Compound housed Dr. Hook, his associates and all the goods were warehoused within its walls as well. It covered three city blocks, and from an outside perspective it could have been mistaken for a middle-eastern palace wall or... Continue Reading →

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