Move This

Do you ever put songs in single-repeat mode and just let it ride for a ridiculously long time? I do that a lot. One of those songs for me is the song Move This by Technotronic. Some classic 90s awesome beats.

And it seems only fair that I put it in your head right now, since I’ve got it on repeat again. You’ll thank me later, I’m sure of it.

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U Got it Bad

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I’ve started putting together a “nostalgia” playlist. Songs that for some reason resonate with me on a nostalgic level. It’s going to be an ever-growing list for me. Been wanting to put together a list of songs that remind me of other times. This will be that.

And how about an amusing story behind User’s U Got it Bad song and why it made the list? There was a girl in the 90s. I don’t recall how young we were… maybe 14. But we met, and though we were from different states, we continued to grow that relationship via phone. That was before people complained about making phone calls. When calling someone and talking for hours was amazing, not annoying. She was in Texas, I was in Missouri. Which meant my parents had to keep an eye on me, or we’d kill it with the long distance bill. I think it was after my dad had come in and said I needed to get off, and we were desperately trying to say goodbye that I accidentally hung up or something. I called right back. And she gave me a little, “U got it bad when ur on the phone, hang up and u call right back.” So that’s always what I think of when I hear that song. Funny thing is, looking back, I don’t think we ever technically dated and I don’t even have a reason as to why we fell out or quit talking. Or why I quit calling. I think I was too dense at the time to realize I was on the verge of a relationship, and just thought we were good friends. Hm. Guess after a while I didn’t have it so bad.

The playlist link:

BONUS NOSTALGIA TRACK: The photo I used for the playlist is from a comedy series I did in college. That’s super skinny me on the right, trying to peak around the girl on the desk.

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When you add a song to the wrong playlist…

When you add a song to the wrong playlist…

White Knuckle Ride by Jamiroquai.

White Knuckle Ride by Jamiroquai.

Current song. Is. Awesome. How this song has not been used in a chase scene yet is beyond me.

And then I heard Captain Picard say, “Make it so.”


Stayin’ Alive (cover) by Capital Cities.

Stayin’ Alive (cover) by Capital Cities.

I have always loved the Bee Gees’ song Stayin’ Alive. And also the rap cover that came later. But I stumbled on this very 80-ish cover last week and it’s everything. Prepare for glory!


Rapper’s Delight by Sugarhill Gang.

Rapper’s Delight by Sugarhill Gang.

Man, I forgot how amazing this song is… it had been too long since I listened to it. So set aside about fifteen minutes and prepare for glory. Original rap glory. And with a touch of disco.

You should probably put on some dancing shoes or kick off the ones ya got, because it’s about to go down in your Google+ stream.


Was almost at my destination when Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen came on the radio. And I was like, “Great. Now I can’t…

Was almost at my destination when Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen came on the radio. And I was like, “Great. Now I can’t get out of my car.”