Jason Richard Wright, Chapter 8

David SpencerThe young man had been sitting in a conference room at the police station for thirty minutes; this was something Detective David Spencer had grown accustomed to doing. He liked keeping people in suspense, because it made them impatient and frustrated, and this often bore the fruit of an unnecessary amount of conversation on... Continue Reading →


Jason Richard Wright, Chapter 7

RubyRuby painted her lips red, after slipping into some red leather. Her burgundy hair bounced outward, down and about as she flung her locks with her fingers--freeing them from the leather. Looking into a cracked mirror, in her rundown motel room that doubled as an apartment, she teased those black lashes. A little pink blush... Continue Reading →

Jason Richard Wright, Chapter 6

FayeDavid Spencer was sitting in his easy chair; Mercedes Masterson was making some coffee for the two of them. He looked upon her and admired the young detective who had followed in his footsteps. She too had joined the private sector after leaving the force. And, like he had hoped he would be, she was... Continue Reading →

Jason Richard Wright, Chapter 5

RupertJoining the army was the best thing Jason Richard Wright ever did, he thought. It removed him far from his mother, feeling frustrated with the way things had turned out between them. And most importantly, it gave him the opportunity to get out some bottled anger.When he got to Kuwait, he was ready to fight.... Continue Reading →

Jason Richard Wright, Chapter 4

Lacey AnnAt the tender age of six, Jason Richard Wright wanted to wed Lacey Ann. She was young, attractive and had a home-grown singing voice. She would often sing along to the radio while going about her chores, this always further tightened the romance between the six-year old and his mother.Lacey Ann Wright was not... Continue Reading →

Jason Richard Wright, Chapter 3

SamanthaIt was prom, 1988, at Riverside County High School and Samantha Montgomery was as happy as the next junior. She was attending with her date, Brad Smith. It was not very romantic, they were going as just friends. It had been arranged two months earlier, by their friends, that they would go together since neither... Continue Reading →

Jason Richard Wright, Chapter 2

MorganWho names a girl Morgan? Jason Richard Wright pondered, A cruel joke, he decided.Morgan was a 23-year old army brat putting in four years of college before transferring elsewhere to work on her masters. A brunette by birth, with an occasional freckle upon her slightly tanned cheeks. She was voted best smile in high school,... Continue Reading →

Jason Richard Wright, Chapter 1

Cassie Jason Richard Wright was a modest, young man. He was shy and had a smile that cracked under pressure of use. He was harmless to the eyes, ears and was easily offended. But, he seldom lost his cool. He was notorious for taking insults with a shy turn of the head and bashful lower... Continue Reading →

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