My gaming conundrum | not finishing games.

My gaming conundrum | not finishing games.

I have a problem with starting new games before finishing the ones I’m working on. There’s always some game I can’t wait to play that comes out and another comes out I wanna try and another. And I have this bad knack of losing the thread on playing through a game to the end before moving to other ones. Ugh.

Anyone else have this problem?

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The Division: Finishing the Missions.

The Division: Finishing the Missions.

I’ve been playing The Division on and off since launch, and even before during the beta. It’s a fun game I like coming back to and it took me way too long to beat, because I don’t always have the time I want for gaming or I get distracted by some other new cool game.

But, Wednesday night, I finally played the final mission. And it was a bit of a beast. Maybe not as epic as the first time I played the police academy mission, but pretty cool.

Attached are two screenshots of Benjamin Little​ (left) and me (right; yes, the girl). These were taken after victoriously beating the final mission. Basking in our glory, no doubt.

As far as games go, I really enjoyed The Division. A lot. It’s one I’m fine with picking up again and playing back through. It has a quality about it that makes me wanna replay a lot. And that’s not always true of games. I stack it right up there with Perfect Dark for Nintendo 64, in terms of replayability. That game is one I’m always happy to pick back up, even if Elvis the alien is a little weird. It was like their jumping the shark moment. I digress…

Have you played The Division? What are games you love to replay? Sound off in the comments.

When you’re last to know.

When you’re last to know.

Super Marios Bros 3 and purchasing video games in my household.

Super Marios Bros 3 and purchasing video games in my household.

My son asked me when Super Mario Bros. 3 came out, and I had to Bing it. The answer is October 23, 1988. And I was suddenly struck with the weirdness that I have specific memories of the release of Mario 3, and yet I was only five years old. That shows you how important it was to my five year old brain. The big thing I remember is it being a big deal for two reasons…

1) it was Mario and everybody loved Mario, plus it wasn’t Mario 2, which was just weird.

2) it was really expensive for a video game at the time, and if you’re parents weren’t just basking in money sun waves or willing to lay down that kind of cash for a video game, you probably didn’t get it. We didn’t get it.

But our parents had a pretty strict rule about video games, we had to buy our own games. They never bought us games. Not even for birthdays. So we had to save up our own money to get new games, or consoles for that matter. I don’t think our parents ever bought a video game related product. Looking back, it’s quite impressive on their part and we never felt ripped off. They just made it clear that it was up to us to save our own money, if we wanted to purchase video games.

Playing Star Wars Battlefront while listening to the soundtrack to Underworld. Still an awesome soundtrack.

Playing Star Wars Battlefront while listening to the soundtrack to Underworld. Still an awesome soundtrack.

Metroid gaming logic

Metroid gaming logic

My son has discovered the joys of Metroid. For those who don’t know, spoiler alert, there is a woman named Samus in that metal suit. My son now knows this and thinks she’s pretty cool.

But in an amusing note, as we’ve been watching some walkthroughs on YouTube of various Metroid games through the years, how can you not love that she opens every door by blasting it? It’s like a cop shooting the handle off a door for literally EVERY door. Front door at home? Blast it. Bathroom door? Blast it. Bathroom stall door? Blast it.

Take that Mario and Link who run around trying to find the key!


Riptide GP on Android.

Riptide GP on Android.

The wee lad is trying out Riptide GP on my RCA Galileo Pro today. He’s using our Moga controller and loving it. Lots of weees! and this is cools!

From my perspective, it reminds me a lot of Wave 64 on Nintendo 64. It was a cool water racing game back in the day. The graphics and gameplay seem about the same, and that’s cool for a mobile game. Though, it’s missing the blocky edges of N64. 😉

Here is the Google Play link, if you wanna try it, it’s $0.99: