The Experiment (revisited)

In the fall of 2011, a pretty amazing thing happened for me. I had a short story of mine published in The Derby Telegraph over in Derbyshire—you guessed it, in England. I had a short story being read by the people of Derbyshire, and in print no less. It was a fuzzy feeling of warmth. … Continue reading The Experiment (revisited)


FREE ebook of ‘Rose’s Thorn’ until May 2nd

Still learning my way around the site Smashwords as a publisher. And thanks to Belinda Frisch last night, I discovered the wonderful coupon option within Smashwords.I have created a coupon, which when used during checkout, will give you Rose's Thorn for free.Here is the code: VZ96YAnd it is case sensitive.Please feel free to use this … Continue reading FREE ebook of ‘Rose’s Thorn’ until May 2nd