Get eBook of Fatal Flaws FREE for limited time

For a limited time, until May 1, you can get an eBook copy of Fatal Flaws at Smashwords for FREE. Use this code on checkout: QW65S Fatal Flaws is the first in a series of collaborative novels among myself and several other indie authors. It was loads of fun to work on. The second book… Continue reading Get eBook of Fatal Flaws FREE for limited time

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Stick-shifts and safety-belts

I've let the blog sit and collect dust lately. Things have been nutty and I haven't had time, nor thoughts, for posting. Well, I'm here to give a little update on things... but first, strap in your safety-belts and watch out for the stick-shift. Now that we've established that. Shall we continue on? I think… Continue reading Stick-shifts and safety-belts

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FREE ebook of ‘Rose’s Thorn’ until May 2nd

Still learning my way around the site Smashwords as a publisher. And thanks to Belinda Frisch last night, I discovered the wonderful coupon option within Smashwords.I have created a coupon, which when used during checkout, will give you Rose's Thorn for free.Here is the code: VZ96YAnd it is case sensitive.Please feel free to use this… Continue reading FREE ebook of ‘Rose’s Thorn’ until May 2nd

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‘Everything’ anthology available on Amazon

Two of my short stories are featured in a collaborative short story anthology titled Everything available through Amazon for $0.99.  The anthology also includes stories from Pat B, Nancy Cavanaugh, and Natalie Mendez.  This collaboration is a direct result of meeting across Google+, which continues to be a cool experience.  Danke, Google, danke.My stories included.The Red Balloon.… Continue reading ‘Everything’ anthology available on Amazon