A little on Audrey Hepburn, my favorite actor

A little on Audrey Hepburn, my favorite actor It takes a lot for me to say something is ‘my favorite’. For example, when it comes to movies, I have a laundry list, and the one at the top is really only there because I just can’t bring myself to take it down for something else. Some […]

I’m getting that old noir itch tonight

I’m getting that old noir itch tonight. Thinking back on some of my old noir characters, the stories and listening to what was to be our main theme of Kings 2. Use the player below to start listening to the theme, and read on. http://www.reverbnation.com/widget_code/html_widget/artist_236558?widget_id=50&posted_by=artist_827370&pwcdesign=default&pwcbackground_color=%23adadad&pwcincluded_songs=0&pwcsong_ids=876981&pwcphoto=0%2C1&pwcsize=fit Learn how to make a free Electronic Press Kit This […]

Stick-shifts and safety-belts

I’ve let the blog sit and collect dust lately. Things have been nutty and I haven’t had time, nor thoughts, for posting. Well, I’m here to give a little update on things… but first, strap in your safety-belts and watch out for the stick-shift. Now that we’ve established that. Shall we continue on? I think […]

Google I/O + Elaine’s dance from Seinfeld = AWESOME

Let me give you a reason to love +Google+…Google just started their huge I/O conference this week and they have this thing going where you can take a public post with #request, and a Google employee at the conference will try desperately to meet that request. It’s pretty cool, honestly.Well, in classic fashion, I couldn’t help […]

FREE ebook of ‘Rose’s Thorn’ until May 2nd

Still learning my way around the site Smashwords as a publisher. And thanks to Belinda Frisch last night, I discovered the wonderful coupon option within Smashwords.I have created a coupon, which when used during checkout, will give you Rose’s Thorn for free.Here is the code: VZ96YAnd it is case sensitive.Please feel free to use this […]