Jason Richard Wright, Chapter 2

MorganWho names a girl Morgan? Jason Richard Wright pondered, A cruel joke, he decided.Morgan was a 23-year old army brat putting in four years of college before transferring elsewhere to work on her masters. A brunette by birth, with an occasional freckle upon her slightly tanned cheeks. She was voted best smile in high school, […]

Jason Richard Wright, Chapter 1

Cassie Jason Richard Wright was a modest, young man. He was shy and had a smile that cracked under pressure of use. He was harmless to the eyes, ears and was easily offended. But, he seldom lost his cool. He was notorious for taking insults with a shy turn of the head and bashful lower […]

NOIR, Chapter 3

IntrovertedWhat kind of self-righteous introvert etches LOVE GOD into the wall of a bathroom stall? If you wanna have an impact, than get out of the bathroom and meet some one. Get to know somebody. You know, start a conversation?Holly, the dame, lived in an elaborate house. It was ridiculously over sized; especially considering that […]