The Agency, Chapter 1

An Agent's Burial Robert McCallum entered Madame Superiorโ€™s office and took a seat; he was looking dashing in his black suit and thin, black tie. His blonde hair was always short and precisely cut. No one had ever seen one hair out of its place nor had they ever seen one shred of stubble on … Continue reading The Agency, Chapter 1


Jason Richard Wright, Chapter 3

SamanthaIt was prom, 1988, at Riverside County High School and Samantha Montgomery was as happy as the next junior. She was attending with her date, Brad Smith. It was not very romantic, they were going as just friends. It had been arranged two months earlier, by their friends, that they would go together since neither … Continue reading Jason Richard Wright, Chapter 3

NOIR, Chapter 3

IntrovertedWhat kind of self-righteous introvert etches LOVE GOD into the wall of a bathroom stall? If you wanna have an impact, than get out of the bathroom and meet some one. Get to know somebody. You know, start a conversation?Holly, the dame, lived in an elaborate house. It was ridiculously over sized; especially considering that … Continue reading NOIR, Chapter 3