Avoidance Behavior

I’m learning something new today, so I might as well share. My doctor pointed me to Avoidance Behavior today, and reading up on it is like reading a depressing autobiography of myself. But here’s some info on it, for all of us, in case it’s new to you too — but really just an old friend that’s been around all this time, you just could never remember their name. Susan? Sally? Sanchez?

avoidance behavior. (noun) a pervasive pattern of avoiding or withdrawing from social interaction; a defense mechanism by which a person removes himself/herself from unpleasant situations.


Avoidance coping refers to choosing your behavior based on trying to avoid or escape particular thoughts or feelings. It can involve “doing” (e.g., someone who excessively washes their hands to try to get rid of fears about contamination) or “not doing” (e.g., when someone avoids having an awkward conversation). Avoidance coping causes anxiety to snowball because when people use avoidance coping they typically end up experiencing more of the very thing they were trying to escape.

Psychology Today

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Move This

Do you ever put songs in single-repeat mode and just let it ride for a ridiculously long time? I do that a lot. One of those songs for me is the song Move This by Technotronic. Some classic 90s awesome beats.

And it seems only fair that I put it in your head right now, since I’ve got it on repeat again. You’ll thank me later, I’m sure of it.


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U Got it Bad

(This post was originally made on Pluspora, here)

I’ve started putting together a “nostalgia” playlist. Songs that for some reason resonate with me on a nostalgic level. It’s going to be an ever-growing list for me. Been wanting to put together a list of songs that remind me of other times. This will be that.

And how about an amusing story behind User’s U Got it Bad song and why it made the list? There was a girl in the 90s. I don’t recall how young we were… maybe 14. But we met, and though we were from different states, we continued to grow that relationship via phone. That was before people complained about making phone calls. When calling someone and talking for hours was amazing, not annoying. She was in Texas, I was in Missouri. Which meant my parents had to keep an eye on me, or we’d kill it with the long distance bill. I think it was after my dad had come in and said I needed to get off, and we were desperately trying to say goodbye that I accidentally hung up or something. I called right back. And she gave me a little, “U got it bad when ur on the phone, hang up and u call right back.” So that’s always what I think of when I hear that song. Funny thing is, looking back, I don’t think we ever technically dated and I don’t even have a reason as to why we fell out or quit talking. Or why I quit calling. I think I was too dense at the time to realize I was on the verge of a relationship, and just thought we were good friends. Hm. Guess after a while I didn’t have it so bad.

The playlist link: https://open.spotify.com/user/weavedoom/playlist/3m3NqUo15IzvFMJyXsm0T4?si=nM7cvSuhT1CqSCRov1aa_Q


BONUS NOSTALGIA TRACK: The photo I used for the playlist is from a comedy series I did in college. That’s super skinny me on the right, trying to peak around the girl on the desk.

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Using Google Keep during my writing process

I’ve been meaning to write about this for some time, but just haven’t made time for it. And since I’ve been going through some manic and seasonal depressive episodes, making it hard to stay focused and do ANYTHING of relevance, I figure I might as well just hyper focus and do some writing. Why the hell not?

This latest novel I’m working on, I tried several new things to help me press through it all the way to the end. It’s taken me years to try and figure out how to organize and structure myself to write a novel, and I’m not sure I’ve ever been better equipped than now for the job. One of my tools, which was a first, was using Google Keep during the writing process. I want to talk a bit about how I used it.

(If you don’t use Google Keep, or don’t want to, or are weening off Google apps — I respect that. I will explain the method Keep uses, how I used it, and point you to some similar apps with same feature set.)

I started with Keep.

I started at the beginning using Keep. I wanted it to be with me in the beginning and all the way through the writing journey. I wanted it to be my home for notes, character sketches, photo galleries for inspiration and even a crude outline in the beginning. I’ll try to break these down.

A simple note.

Notes. Pretty simple, really. But whenever I had an idea, or a line of dialogue, or whatevs pop into my head — I dropped it into a small note in Keep using the Label I had created for my book. This worked great as the phone app is perfect for this sort of documentation.

Character sketches.

Character sketches. When I was creating a new character, I found jotting down notes concerning that character was super important. I call these character sketches. A little bio paragraph, little snippets about the character, little snippets of dialogue that the character will deliver at some point to get a flavor for how they talk. I’d often include a gallery of pictures for inspiration on the character as well. Thankfully Keep allows you to attach a plethora of pictures to a note.

Cast of characters.

Cast list. I even used the to-do list feature for making a cast of characters list, so I could keep track of who was who and what names I was using. I sometimes forget what names I used for minor characters, if I don’t have a cheat sheet.

Gallery of images in a note.

Visual inspiration (think Pinterest). Sometimes I use Pinterest for finding good character and visual inspiration for locations and such. And sometimes just moods. I found that Keep works relatively nicely for making small pin-boards, if you will. On my character sketches, I would include one or more images for inspiration. Above is a gallery of photos for my Mercedes character and below is what it looks like when you scroll through the gallery of photos. It’s not as pretty as a Pinterest board, but it gets the job done and keeps all the photos in one place with notes and so on – which is a nice touch, and something you can’t do on Pinterest.

An image in full-screen. That’s actress Rhona Mitra.


This was a new way for me to pull all of my thoughts and ideas together during the writing process. Since I was mostly writing without an outline at first, I created a to-do list style outline in Keep and would add chapters in as I went. Eventually, I had enough in my head to flesh out the rest of the outline and do an outline justice. I used Microsoft Excel for the outline, which just works really well and helps keep track of wordcount and everything nicely. But even in the beginning Google Keep was helping with tracking progress of my story. I must say, I was not sure I’d like using Google Keep in the beginning, but I committed to it and said I would just deal with it and write about it later. And here I am. Is it perfect? No. It has its flaws.

For example, it’s a scroll fest. Notes just pile on top of each other with the only thing separating notes is 3 categories (Pinned notes, Others, and Archived). And they scroll in that order, too. So archived stuff is at the bottom, pinned at the top, and everything else in the middle. In the past, years ago, you could drag around and organize the notes the way you wanted on top of those 3 categorizations. But they removed the ability to drag and organize notes the way you want at some point. The colors can be categorized however you want in your head, or if you don’t want to remember just make a color key note and pin it up top.

The other thing I miss in Google Keep is the lack of any text formatting. There is zero rich text formatting or markdown. With some simple rich text editing, the character sketches could be better fleshed out and organized. They would feel more like documents, and less like a dump of paragraphs.

Exporting or backing up Keep notes is likely a clustertruck. I wouldn’t have thought much about this had it not been for what I’ve been going through with Google+ in its closure. Google Takeout exports Keep notes to HTML. Which means, it’s probably gonna be a hot mess of HTML pages or something. Maybe I’ll test it and report back on that in a future post. I suppose an alternative to this would be to individually share each note from a phone to another app of choice — I shutter a the thought. I put this in color for emphasize.

I’ll leave you with one more screenshot, this one shows off how links are treated in Keep. They do have a minor preview, which is nice and makes them easily clickable.

Alternatives to Google Keep:

  • Zoho Notes (the best similar alternative, has rich text editing too!).
  • Microsoft OneNote (designed more like a 5-section notebook, has many features Keep doesn’t, even works for drafting — one of the best note taking apps ever!).

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The end is nigh

Still crazy and hard to believe the end is so nigh for my Google+ playground. It keeps getting me in the feels.

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Shakira Law

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The cult of ____.

I was doing some research on religious cults, and I wanted to start simple by researching and getting a good grasp on a common and expert definition of a religious cult. I also wanted to read personal accounts from those who had left a cult. Imagine then my shock and horror as it became frustratingly difficult to find such good information on the web.


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