If you reshare an Instagram post… is it called a Latergram?

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If you reshare an Instagram post… is it called a Latergram?

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My latest book lands October 1, pre-order now

Gun cover image.

The latest book that will be added to my authorly resume is a collaborative piece called Gun. Here’s the quick run-down:

The citizens of Salem suffer more than their fair share of life’s ills. Murder. Mayhem. Jealousy. Greed. But when a mysterious handmade Gun shows up on the scene, nothing will ever be the same. For this Gun has its own moral code. It will never fire to do evil, only to do good. As it tumbles in and out of the lives of ordinary citizens – junkies, clerks, cops, criminals, unfaithful husbands – they find their lives changed forever. Sometimes for the better; sometimes for worse.

Born from pain, built for good.

The String-Along project is a collaborative effort where multiple authors, in locations around the globe, come together to tell a singular story. Sometimes not knowing where to go with a story until the previous author in rotation provides a chapter update. The first in the series is called Fatal Flaws and can be found online in both paperback and digital formats.

We wrote this one back 2014. It was the follow-up to Fatal Flaws and takes place in the same fictional city of Salem. That’s it as far as connection is concerned between the two stories. This isn’t a sequel to our first collaborative book. We doubled our author count for this one, jumping from 5 to 10. Yikes!

If you’ve ever loved me, or even liked maybe, or even if you hate me, consider heading over to Emerald Dragon Tales and choosing your retailer of choice and pre-ordering a copy. Or mark your calendars and purchase it on October 1st.

I’m on Goodreads and stuff

I’ve had an account on Goodreads for many years, but have never made much use of it. But as our next collaborative novel is coming out this October 1, I’ve been trying to be better about promoting myself as an author as well as the book. And so, for the first time ever, I set up my author profile. Click here to check out my author profile. Make sure to follow my author profile while you’re there.

I’m also using their built-in question/answer tool, so feel free to ask me questions about writing and so on. I’ll do my best to answer them. I’ve got a few answers there already. Click here to ask questions or read previous answers.

Shout out to @Eustacia Tan and her recent blog post about why she is still uncomfortable with Katherine Hale — the post and discussion got me rethinking my opinion towards Goodreads. Thanks! 😉

Old Notebooks. The Cloud. Backing up your Stuff.

In 2017, I originally shared this post on Google+. It’s all about making sure you backup your writing. A good post, with good advice. Check it out. It also makes me a bit of a hypocrite, because I wasn’t actively backing up my Google+ content. Yikes! Luckily, I was able to save the most important things I believe, shortly before the closure of consumer Google+. Any rate… a good read, and I’m remind you again, make sure you have duplicates and copies of all the content you create. Not just the writing. Your content is important, a part of you, and your journey. Don’t lose that.

Babylon Tales

As of Saturday, I’ve been going through some old notebooks from the garage. I used to be a notebook junkie, back in my youth. Why? Because I was always writing something. Whether it was fiction, a journal, notes, etc. I’ve always been a note junkie, too. Unfortunately, before the cloud age, this meant a lot of notebooks and being afraid to throw away any of them in case there was something in there that didn’t eventually get realized somewhere else.

I’m mostly throwing away the stuff I’m going through, but there is an occasional gem here and there. These notebooks date between high school and college days. Any fiction I was writing at that age is pretty bad, but sometimes an idea was good. I try to keep ideas with potential, but stuff that’s just bad I toss. And then there’s the notes upon notes upon notes. You never know…

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What are you currently watching?

I’m currently watching the German show Perfume, based on the old classic book of same name. It’s a modern take/retelling. It’s a slow burn mystery. I tried to get my wife to watch it with me, she was passing out during the first episode and called it boring, I believe. I like the slow burn, eerie, deep mystery going on myself. But then again, my favorite movie is Hitchcock’s Vertigo which is also kind of a slow burn mystery.

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Be good to each other

Don’t make me pull this car over. I will pull this car over and park and everything. Just sit there on the side of the road all awkward like. That’s right. I’ll parallel park, if I have to. I don’t care.

14 questions about me

Saw someone else doing this, like the emails of old’en days, and I thought I might do it. I used to do things like these in email trains back in the day, when I was super bored and home a lot (like over Christmas break in high school). But I haven’t done this in YEARS…

So I’ll be answering 14 questions today. I just found this random list of questions on Pinterest and only read a few, so I’ll be improvising quite a bit. Let’s go.

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