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Babylon is a city rich with history, poverty and an itch for the macabre and wicked…

The Tales from Babylon (or Babylon Tales) project started off innocently enough. I started writing a series of stories (screenplays, short stories, novellas), and decided I wanted them to intertwine somehow. And I decided that I would connect them via a city. And thus, Babylon was born.

This all started in 2005, and now years later I’m still tying those loose threads together. One of these days I’ll finish this mammoth project, and move on. I hope. In the meantime, you can enjoy walking here streets with me… if you dare.

More on Babylon’s inception and a journey I took there can be found here.

I Will Kill you for $5

I’ve started a morbid proposition recently. I’m killing people, fictionally of course, for $5 using the website Fiverr.

Previous Victims:

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