Google+ shutting down in 10 months.

Google+ shutting down in 10 months.

So here are some ways to connect with me off G+. I’ll be hanging out for a while, probably until the end of days, just to make sure I can export my data and keep as many connections as possible. I’ll be around. But for new content and insured contact, it’s better if you find me at other places. I’m always at my website, too:


Pluspora. A lot of us Plussers are congregating at a Diaspora pod called Pluspora. Ironically, a couple of plussers created this space about a month ago — not even realizing this day was coming. I’m a moderator here, doing my best to help. I highly recommend we all congregate here, because the more of us that already know and enjoy each others’ company join, the better the community we will have. You can find me here:

Twitter. I’m here:

Instagram. I’m here:





There ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone.


5 thoughts on “Google+ shutting down in 10 months.

  1. Nathan Weaver well, if you feel like it, look for me. I’m hidden in plain sight. I’ll not be posting to ig much anymore, if at all. Keeping my content on my own website, just linking to it. Links look good on MeWe and work fine there.


  2. I have been so busy with the books and my articles I have not been posting anything. Until I saw the article I had no idea. It seems like there is no really solid place to go. I checked out PLU but it seems basic.


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