Finally watched Kong: Skull Island. I don’t normally want to see these kinds of flicks, big monster flicks (especially remade ones). And I’ve avoided the recent Godzilla stuff. But this one looked good from the first trailer that dropped. And I was not disappointed. It had a lot more going on then the trailers even implied, which was nice.

Also, I thought I was gonna hate John C. Riley’s character based on the trailers. But his turned out to be one of the best, most developed characters in the whole film.


9 thoughts on “Finally watched Kong: Skull Island. I don’t normally want to see these kinds of flicks, big monster flicks…

  1. I haven’t watched this one all the way through, but if you have NOT seen Shin Godzilla, you are missing out in a HUGE way. The last American Godzilla movie was pretty good, but Shin Godzilla is very much an original Japanese production, with Japanese sensibilities, and a much more modern set up for the monster. Also, the effects are fantastic. I’ve watched it a good 18-20 times by now, both dubbed and with subtitles.


  2. I am going to watch it again right now, just because we are talking about it. You have to key your expectations to the Japanese style of storytelling, and that it reflects current worries of that society, but the monster…oh, the monster….


  3. Eli Fennell I really do enjoy it, I’m just not sure I see how the shared universe thing is gonna work. Anyhoo. Perhaps I should reserve those judgments until after I at least watch Shin Godzilla.


  4. Well, be warned — Shin Godzilla is a completely different fictional universe. The 2013 Godzilla — the Legendary Pictures one — is the one with King Kong and company. Parallel, not intersecting. Toho still holds copyright, but there are a nest of licensing agreements about it — which are also holding off the next in the Shin series and are just giving us the anime (which I think are pretty good, if terribly grim-dark).


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