Let me tell you about ICE for a second.

Let me tell you about ICE for a second.

They are America’s version of the Gestapo. Plain and simple. They’ve even been proven to take legal immigrants, falsify information, lie and say they are gangsters, and attempt to deport them. This was proven in a court of law. ICE is literally rounding up Mexicans and falsifying information about them, in an attempt to prove their “badness” and deport them. That’s Gestapo crap. And the president constantly going on TV and spewing propaganda and lies in an attempt to get us Americans to hate Mexicans and blame them for things (like stealing jobs, raping women, drugs, whatevs) is Nazi crap. How do I know this? Because it’s what Germans did to their own people to convince them Nazis were good, Jews were bad, etc.

And as I say this, I’m reminded of the fact that before there was the Gestapo, there was the United States Army. The US Army rounded up one of my own family members and thousands of her tribe, marched them across the US to the Midwest. A lot of them died. All were mistreated. They were housed on a reservation in the Midwest. My x-many greats (we’re not sure how many greats) grandmother lived to tell the tale. And not only that, that tale has been passed down generation after generation to my generation. And I will pass it on to my son.

But the point is this… it is not necessary to repeat history. It is not necessary to constantly commit these same crimes against humanity. We know what they are, we know how to call them out. And I’m sick of people in positions of power just standing by like, “Welp.”

#welp #drainthewhitehouse #endrant


Published by Nathan Weaver

Storyteller across many mediums. Actor, author, filmmaker, lyricist, and wannabe comedian.

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  1. World is going to dogs. Tolerance is at new low. We face issues related to religion and caste. And all these for political gains, power. After personally facing racial discrimination frequently, I could sympathies with people who face the discrimination.


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