Defiance 2050 beta gameplay.

Here’s ten minutes of some gameplay in case you wanted to see some. I don’t do any talking, just ten minutes of gameplay.

If you didn’t play any Defiance in the previous gen console era, it’s the same game as far as I can tell. That’s no complaint. I was hoping they would make it backwards compatible or something. I never got to play all the way through with Defiance and always wanted to.

It definitely feels like the game runs smoother and it seems to look better graphically. They’ve been hard at work for sure. And it’s a fun game.

It’s a third-person shooter with a sci-fi story. It’s based on the SyFy TV series of the same name (Defiance, that is). They were released at the same time and meant to compliment and influence each other.

Any rate, check it out, if interested.

What do you think of Defiance? Have you played it already before? Interested to try it? Sound off in the comments.


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