This blog is 11 years old

Last month, February 7th to be precise, my blog reached a tremendous milestone. Eleven years. I started the Tales from Babylon blog on February 7, 2007. That kind of boggles the mind.

Looking back, some of the earliest memories I have of working on this blog were of sitting in a McDonald’s getting in some work just before going to actual work.

While the blog has been around all that time, it’s changed a lot. And even moved around. In the beginning, I was hosting it on Google’s Blogger platform. At some point I moved to Office 365 for a year, using SharePoint for the front end. That was interesting and fun. The past few years though, I’ve been resting on WordPress of the dot and com variety. I used to hate it, but changes over the years have made it a nice place to hang your coat. Arguments could be made about all platforms. And I’ve tried about all of them, but I believe the ones I’ve ever felt comfortable moving to were Blogger, Office 365, and This platform isn’t perfect, and sometimes I’m frustrated with their lack of support for certain things. But it’s still good. Good enough to leave again? I don’t know. I’ll probably do a reassessment of my hosting platform again in the near future. But alas, BORING! You didn’t come here for that.

In honor of this momentous occasion, I give you the first post on the blog: NOIR, Chapter 1. The first chapter of a novella I was working on at the time.

For those of you who have been with me or partially with me since the beginning, I thank you. And have a good read on the house. 😉


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