Finally watched Logan. It was solid, as expected. Good feels with Logan and Xavier. And that little girl, Laura, was awesome. Great story, solid action and all the feels.


I’ve enjoyed watching Hugh Jackman unravel his interpretation of Wolverine over the years. And while some of the scripts and movies were hit and miss, he was always on the mark.

If he never comes back to the role, which it sounds like will be the case, he finished strong. Very strong.

And if they make a follow-up movie following the kids, I’d be down with that. So long as they keep the R rating and don’t turn it into a kid’s movie. The grit of Logan was spot on.

Have you seen it? What was your take away? How do you feel about Jackman’s run with Wolverine? Sound off in the comments.


7 thoughts on “Logan.

  1. Melissa Walshโ€‹, I hadn’t thought of it that way. Considering the plot of the X-Men movies (original trilogy), I just accustomed it to a future where non-mutant governments had finally succeeded in wiping them out. But I see your point. A child that needs to be protected and moved to somewhere safe.

    Children of Men, of course, is in a cateogry all it’s own. Such a splendid film. I’ve seen it copied a lot in many films since. Sometimes the plot, or its nuances, and even its amazing usage of long shots for action sequences. Like the scene in the car. I’ve seen several scenes like that car scene in other movies. That film was innovating on so many levels.


  2. As for me there was no better actor who played Wolverine n how he even acted like Wolverine but there were a few things that were not in some of his movies for one he says what’s up Bud n Smoking a Cigar I will always cherish him for his role of Wolverine In The Movie Logan after he dies what is the girl X23 going to do n are they going to be a few movies as her character


  3. Nathan Weaver the plots of the two movies are closer than that. Both movies are about a man who’s given up on life and is watching his species die off. But he finds a purpose in life when he’s tasked with helping a young woman, a new hope for the species, reach sanctuary. Both movies then end with the man sacrificing his life for the woman and the woman continuing her journey. We never do see the woman reach her sanctuary, but we know she’s safe.


  4. Yes you are absolutely right about him being old but it was in the Future n that Is why he’s old n didn’t you see how bad The Professor was n he was having trouble with his The telepathy n Wolverine had to give him a shot to settle him down n when Charles Xavier died he was going to go berserk but X23 helped him to calm down


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