So #GoogleSites is getting a makeover, finally

So #GoogleSites is getting a makeover, finally

I for one am glad to hear this. Google Sites is a great product, and has felt kind of ignored in recent years. Sure, theyโ€™ve added better integrations here and there, but overall the product has remained the same.

People love Sites in the education sector, and I hope Google is not forgetting that. I know they have Google Classroom now, but letโ€™s not forget that a lot of folks in education still get a lot of use out of Sites. And think of the students who can create and collaborate on shared sites as well. Unlimited potential.

Any rate, I really hope itโ€™s nothing but good things moving forward.

SIDE NOTE: Itโ€™s currently only available in Early Access for certain Google Apps accounts. More info at the link.