I Will Kill You for $5: Update and Stats

I Will Kill You for $5: Update and Stats

So, I’m in the editing phase of my seventh story in the “I Will Kill You for $5” project–in which people pay me $5 to write a short story or flash fiction wherein they die.

I’ve been crunching the numbers, and I’m happy to say that I’ve about met my wordcount goal for filling an entire volume (i.e., book compilation). This was something I had hinted at early on in the project, but didn’t get my hopes up that I would actually have enough clients to pull it off.

What next?

I think my next goal, after releasing story #7, will be to go back to all the stories and see if I can’t add or revamp them a little. I know in some of the stories, I cut corners and deleted “scenes” because of the 7 day deadline to complete that Fiverr gives me (technically, I gave myself). I’d like to add that content back in for the book, thus making it an “extended version” of the stories. I can’t guarantee all of the stories will have added content, but some definitely will.

And then, after that, I’ll probably look for an editor/publisher. Not sure I wanna self-publish this one. That being said, you lucky victims will of course be entitled to your free copy.

Stats and visuals

And because I’m a lover of stats and visuals, click the link attached to view the stats on the volume as they currently stand. Also, see how the stories stack up to each other in wordcount.

Shout out to some of my victims on Google+: kat Folland Shawna Bergen Julia Robertson Bootsy Hambone Damien Boath 


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