Office Bullying

Office Bullying

Currently working on an article about office bullying. Or as I like to call it: workplace harassment. I’m maybe halfway through it, and wondering about how many folks out there have had horrible workplace experiences with bullying and harassment.

Have you ever worked with a bully? Or had a boss who was a bully? Have you ever been the bully yourself? What do you think causes a person in the workplace to become a bully? What do you think is the best outcome for a person with these traits?

Also, I haven’t yet decided where I want to initially publish the article online, so if you’re reading this and have or know of the perfect place for an article like this to debut, let me know in the comments.


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  1. I at least worked with someone whose management style was that of ‘strict parent.’

    It was more about his desk being clean (yours would be piled high with projects) than supporting his team.


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