Let me pick your brain about writers, readers and how they intersect.

Let me pick your brain about writers, readers and how they intersect.

I’ve noticed over the years since self publishing became a thing, that there seems to be a weird trend among us writerly folks. It seems we seek out other writers instead of readers. I’ll admit, I do it. Why? Because sometimes the easiest way to find a reader is to find a writer first.

But what a ridiculous notion. I feel like we’re looking in the wrong place. It would be like me asking my friend to use my plumbing, because he’s a plumber by trade.

And I don’t believe all readers are writers or would ever want to be writers, so that means there’s potentially a lot of folks we’re not reaching. Why? Because they’re harder to find? Because we’re too lazy to find them? Because we like the company of less judge-y writers? Because…..

Any rate, something I’ve noticed over the years. It’s like we’re the congregation of readers where membership dues comes in the price of ink.

What do you think? Thoughts? Have you noticed this as well? What’s your remedy? Have a cigarette, or better yet let Lauren Bacall have one, and let’s talk.