You can’t touch this.

You can’t touch this.


Published by Nathan Weaver

Storyteller across many mediums. Actor, author, filmmaker, lyricist, and wannabe comedian.

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  1. Haha…. well, this wasn’t a con. This was at a Staff Appreciation Day many years ago. I got asked last minute to put this on and do my thang to Soul Bossa Nova. Needless to say, that happened.


  2. Actually Damien Boath  I got to know that guy later, that’s his “Well, hello, sir” look.

    Murphy Jacobs not so much brave. Just that I had always wanted to burst in out of nowhere and do Austin Powers, so when someone asked me to do this I had to do it. One of those “goals in life” things. I have a weird list.


  3. I understand a list like that.  I had a desire to sing “Adelaide’s Lament” for an audience (from Guys and Dolls) and I got to do that a couple of years ago for a a “broadway show” we did to raise money for our church choir.  I also got to sing “Crazy World” from Victor/Victoria, but my voice was almost shot by then, so I want to do that one again, better.


  4. As an actor/performer, I have a pretty strange list. A lot of people wouldn’t understand, but I see you do. I had wanted to do a musical for years, because it was one of several genres I had not tackled. Plus, I like a good musical. Finally got to do that two years ago, and killed it. It was Oliver. I was not Oliver.


  5. I haven’t done the amount of theatre I would have liked to do, mostly because of..well, reasons.  I’m not that driven, I don’t have that much strength, all that kind of stuff.

    What else is on your list of impossible dreams?


  6. Impossible dreams? All dreams are possible, don’t you know. Although, probably the least possible is to one day be actually fairly known for my talents (as in being able to actually make a living doing it).


  7. Sorry, Man of La Mancha song quote there 🙂

    And, I suspect I’m some years further along my life path.  All dreams are possible, but many aren’t probable, and there are always some for which you run out of energy.

    Also, I’ve had no caffeine today, therefore I’m more weird than usual.


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