Drag and drop ALL THE THINGS into Trello

Drag and drop ALL THE THINGS into Trello

This is actually pretty sexy. I had seen a link to this before, but never clicked through and read. Shame on me for skimming over it, because this is pretty nifty.

Anybody using this feature yet? Do you use Trello, what do you use it for?


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  1. That is interesting…  I used to keep track of design goals, with our programmer for: (to do > working on it > completed) list, during creation of a reporting system.  What are you using it for?


  2. Not much these days Andrew Erb. I used it pretty heavily at the university for a while, but since leaving the university and doing freelance work, I’ve yet to find much of a place for it in the workflow. It’s just too many features for what I do now. I tend to use a lightweight app in Windows 10 and Windows Phone that tracks tasks and time spent on said tasks, and expenses. And all data can be exported to spreadsheets. Fairly simple.


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