I hate that  #BlackLivesMatter is trending currently

I hate that  #BlackLivesMatter is trending currently

I hate it when it trends on any social network ever. Why? Because it means there’s still a problem. If it wasn’t an issue, it wouldn’t be trending. It’s an issue and that’s the sad part.

Why? Because racism lives. Because prejudice lives. Because hate lives. And the worst part of all is that the discussion around the hashtag predominantly revolves around cops. Bad cops. There is such a thing as bad cops, just as much as there is such a thing as good ones. And the sooner we understand that and start addressing the issue of bad cops, and the system that supports bad cops, the sooner we push back against this nonsense. And the sooner we can stop having to see #blacklivesmatter  as a trending hashtag. 

Peace out.


Published by Nathan Weaver

Storyteller across many mediums. Actor, author, filmmaker, lyricist, and wannabe comedian.

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  1. Imma be brash on this one. Being black, or white, or anything doesn’t make you special. Suck it up, people of every race die because of hate. Don’t think you deserve better treatment. If you wanna truly be equal, then realize that you have to work to be respected. There’s white trash, black trash, human trash of any race. You’re not special because of what you look like. #blacklivesmatter is crap. Good lives matter, and there are bad people of every race.


  2. Ricca Monuit​​​ you just said humanity should die off, now this? To me, this isn’t a race thing, this is a people thing. To me, we all have equality, its just that some people don’t see it that way, or does everything they can to make it a race war. Fuck race. I just can’t stand people. I consider it a stereotype if you’re black and think you’re still oppressed. You’re doing it to yourself. Born and raised in the south, I NEVER had black vs white problems. I went to an all black school and I was the target. Race isn’t an issue to me, character is. Now leave me be. I’m done with this.


  3. If Black lives matter it is not only bad COP’S it’s them killing one another every single night in my city every life matters not only Blacks but you need to start with your own Black young folks killing each other racism will never stop regardless of how hard we all try it will always be someone that wants attention to stir up trouble…


  4. Kathy Hardy​ thank you. There’s black on black crime all the time. Crime so common where i live that construction workers who work near the projects carry guns. And someone always wants to spark a race war.


  5. Ricca Monuit Martin Luther King was a Jewish communist funded plagiarist who beat up very young White teenage prostitutes as a habit. In fact, this is what he was doing the night before he died. He was not interested in “equality” and neither are you.


  6. Sara Thomas Excuse me? We are losing too many BLACK people? Are you even aware of the White genocide going on right now in South Africa, the White sex slave industry in Israel, and the fact that Blacks are responsible for an overwhelming majority of violent crime in whatever country they are in, just as they have off the scale violence in Black African countries? It is Europeans who are at extinction levels. http://odinist.org/cultural-destruction-assault-death-extinction-us-preservation-people-national-character/


  7. Let’s not play the 1-Up game, please.

    I know it’s easy to hear someone’s complaint, and say, “Yeah, I know, but you know what’s worse?!” It’s almost human nature to want to 1-up everyone with other things that you consider worse or more prevelant. But having ten issues doesn’t negate that all ten issues still need to be dealt with, and that that all issues don’t always get ironed out in the order you want. Look at the history of African-American rights in America verses women’s rights. Women’s rights were always behind black male rights. Both were issues, but they didn’t get resolved all at the same time. That doesn’t mean one was more important than the other, they were both equally important and both equally needed to be dealt with, but it all depends on the current trends of what issues get pushed to the forefront. 

    Is there black on black crime? Yes. Does that upset me, too? Yes.

    Is there black on white crime? Yes. Does that upset me, too? Yes.

    As a matter of fact, all violence upsets me. But generally I make a point with the internet of not engaging or posting about politics, religion and other touchy subjects, because it brings out the worst in people behind screens. If you scan my Google+ profile, you’ll discover this is literally the first post I’ve ever made about #BlackLivesMatter  period. But sitting back and seeing it time and time again, and knowing what I’ve seen in my short existence, I felt compelled (if only once), to say something. 

    At an open mic last week, an older gentleman made the statement that he wished we would try to see the similarities in each other more often instead of always looking for the things that set us apart. And it’s true, that would help a lot with the attitudes of some.

    But in the end, and I know I sound like a hippy for saying it, but if we’d all just learn to love others beyond our immediate circle and care for their wellbeing a little more, we could see the hurt others go through and care and hope that they find a place someday where the burden could be lifted. This isn’t just a political issue, these are real people. And real people are dying. And real people are suffering. I don’t care what color your skin is or your religion or politics, nobody deserves to be murdered. Period.

    Let us all think more positively.


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