Episode 166 – Killing Me Softly on Newbie Writers Podcast

Episode 166 – Killing Me Softly on Newbie Writers Podcast

Here is the interview I did on Newbie Writers with Damien Boath and Dionne Lister. Had a whale of a good time talking about #writing , especially related to the I Will Kill you for $5 project I’m doing. We also covered #standupcomedy , since I’m two months into trying that out, spam emails, and we even had some #squawking . Yes, there was squawking. Much squawking.

We also did a short reading of Damien’s short story of death that I wrote. I butchered an Aussie accent, and then eventually gave up and stuck with British. It was safer there.

Highly recommend listening, because I’m awesome and I’m not biased, and also because it’s a fun podcast.