Musical Writing Prompt #1

I’m starting something new. I’ll be sharing a weekly writing prompt, which will involve a tune. I hope you enjoy this series. I have a diverse knowledge of music, so I’ll try to mix it up quite a bit. And since I’m starting on Wednesday, we’ll keep it on Wednesday.

I think being able to listen to all kinds of music for writing purposes is important. Whether it’s listening to the sort of music a character would listen to, or if you’re writing a period piece listening to music of that period, it’s important to familiarize yourself with music that would fit within your story. That might be playing on the jukebox during a bar scene, or playing on a character’s iPod. Does anybody really bother with iPods anymore?

I ask that you write your story in a reblog, that way you get to keep your story on your blog and not in my comments. When you reblog, it should show a link in the comments for us to go check out on your blog.

How it works

  • Listen to song embedded in post
  • Reblog post
  • Enter flash fiction inspired by song in reblog
  • Be esteemed by peers

Knowing Me, Knowing You

This week, and our first prompt, we have the song Knowing Me, Knowing You by ABBA. I won’t say anymore on the matter, as I don’t wish to taint the prompting process. Enjoy and share those stories!


8 thoughts on “Musical Writing Prompt #1

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