A reflection on NaNoWriMo

I’m reflecting on NaNoWriMo, as this past year was my first time giving it a shot.

I had been disappointed in myself, a little, mainly in my story. Life had thrown some curve balls in November, unforeseen events, and I had gotten behind early in the game. But I did plow through a healthy amount of my outline, but nearing the end of the month I came to the realization my outline was missing some vital points.

Blood in the veins.

Sure, I had plot veins, but no blood running in it.

The last thing I did on CAFE DE MORT in November was to revamp my outline a little. Which was a positive way to finish, as it let me know I wasn’t done with it. Not yet.

I’ve been sitting on it ever since, and on a whim pulled open my Google Drive to take a gander at my chapters and outline. I opened one chapter, Chapter 6, and skimmed it. It was one I was very fond of writing at the time, and looking at it my spirit for it was rekindled. Then, I looked at my outline, and though it is still missing some white blood cells, I am confident I’m not far off and have decided to draw my attention back to it.

I had been planning to refocus on a different work for the next six months, but now I’m certain I won’t do that.

If I have time today, I may go ahead and post Chapter 6, since it inspired me to get on with it.


Published by Nathan Weaver

Storyteller across many mediums. Actor, author, filmmaker, lyricist, and wannabe comedian.

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