Tina Morris and Twitter Stories

Fellow writer Tina Morris started something new called Twitter Stories. Basically, once a day she posts a 140 character story (the character limit of Twitter).Here is her first Twitter Story, posted today:Doris stressed her legs to see over the hedge, fell, heard her knee pop and moaned, “Guess that’s not the only thing I’ll need… Continue reading Tina Morris and Twitter Stories


A reflection on NaNoWriMo

I'm reflecting on NaNoWriMo, as this past year was my first time giving it a shot.I had been disappointed in myself, a little, mainly in my story. Life had thrown some curve balls in November, unforeseen events, and I had gotten behind early in the game. But I did plow through a healthy amount of… Continue reading A reflection on NaNoWriMo


Rolling a stone across the way

Starting today, I am releasing The Rolling Stone & Wicked Annabelle one chapter per week for six weeks.This latest version of the story has been edited by the ever awesome +Philip Neale, and will be popping up on +Miscelleana Rhinehart's website.Below is her original post sharing the first chapter. If you are on Google+ and want to be notified… Continue reading Rolling a stone across the way