UPDATES: HH, Myrna and Cafe de Mort

So, yeah, I haven't been posting a lot of work lately. Part of that is because I haven't been writing a lot lately, and the other part is that I've been outlining a lot.Hardboil HighLast summer I managed to bleed out the first draft manuscript of Hardboil High: Freshman. Since then, I've mostly stewed over … Continue reading UPDATES: HH, Myrna and Cafe de Mort


Behind the Mask – Prologue

NOTE:ย This is something I wrote several years ago, shortly after the Storiesville site had given up the ghost. This is a story I've been tinkering around with for about 12 years, and while it's changed a lot through the years, most of the core characters and ideas have remained constant. I chose the title as … Continue reading Behind the Mask – Prologue