Hardboil High: Auschwitz

Mercedes and Vega were doing what they normally did in their sixth hour class, Pre-Algebra with Mrs. Braxton; they were passing notes back and forth. Theyโ€™d start with one sheet of paper and jot a note, then pass it on and jot a response, and then it would pass back. It started off with Vega … Continue reading Hardboil High: Auschwitz


Hardboil High: Paint it Black

If the computer hadnโ€™t been in the living room, Mercedes would probably spend most week nights in her bedroom alone. At the age of 14, she didnโ€™t much mix well with her older brother Johnny anymore, and she regarded her mom as weak and stupid. She used to get along fine with her dad, but … Continue reading Hardboil High: Paint it Black