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Babylon is a city rich with history, poverty and an itch for the macabre and wicked…

Mercedes Masterson Detective Stories

A noir novella series, featuring its heroine Mercedes Masterson. She’s a private investigator that walks a path of her own choosing.

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The Tales from Babylon (or Babylon Tales) project started off innocently enough. I started writing a series of stories (screenplays, short stories, novellas), and decided I wanted them to intertwine somehow. And I decided that I would connect them via a city. And thus, Babylon was born.

I Will Kill You for $5

I’ve started a morbid proposition recently. I’m killing people, fictionally of course, for $5 using the website Fiverr.

Previous Victims

(In reverse chronological order, so the newest is at the top of the slush pile).

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Free stories

You can read a lot of my work on the blog of this site. But I’ve also got some free eBooks for you to download as well. Choose your pill.

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