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When will the walls come tumbling down? When will my smile fade and leave a frown? How can I face the same enemy? The fear that’s left inside of me. You think you know, but it’s not true. The lies I give bleed me through. When can I stop and own up to me? When will the truth set me free? I will always be marked by guilt, The very foundation that He built.   I will remain here, in a frozen state. Waiting for someone to help my fate. Continue reading Hiding

In her solitude, I found what I was looking for

So, a buddy of mine and I are working on a web series. Early stages. And I was going nuts, because I couldn’t think of a good title. So I wrote down the few, very bad, ideas that I had and moved on. An hour or so later, I went in search of a song. I wanted a song, something one of the characters could connect with in some way. And then, I found Solitude by Billie Holiday. And I think I may have found both a theme song and a title. At least now I know I’m headed in … Continue reading In her solitude, I found what I was looking for